Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? You can think about Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense Touchless Kitchen Faucet. It will change your kitchen style as well as make your life easier.

Generally, we use traditional handle faucets in our kitchen. There, you need to use your hand to operate it. Most of the time, it is unhealthy for all because of the easy process of spreading bacteria.

At present, a significant change has come in kitchen faucet gadgets. Now, MotionSense touchless faucet has obtained its place instead of traditional faucets in the kitchen. Moen motion faucet is one of them.

This faucet is one of the great innovations of advanced technology for the kitchen. It features a touchless facility that attracts customers’ attention which makes the kitchen more hygiene.

Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense Touchless Kitchen Faucet Overview:

Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet

Be smart with advanced technology by using touchless faucets. You will become happy to know that you can also use this Moen motion sensor kitchen faucet manually. I mean using a handle. It offers a handle on one side for manual use, and also you can adjust water flow and temperature with this feature.

Moen, the famous brand, has built a hands-free faucet that employs two advanced sensors to set water flow in motion. They designed it through lots of research and in-house testing.

Anyway, Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney Motionsense touchless kitchen faucet will give you more cleaning facilities than other traditional faucets. It is easy to clean the kitchen without messing with this touchless faucet.

You can work with it without spending more time. Use your hand wave or any objects at the top of the spout to run water flow. Again, wave your hand over the wave sensor to turn it off.

You need 6 AA batteries to operate this faucet. One can select an AC adapter if he likes. Don’t worry if your battery doesn’t work more. You can use it as a regular kitchen faucet.

Transitional style Moen 87359E2SRS kitchen faucet comes with spot resist stainless steel. It helps it to remain free from water spots and tough stains. It allows you to wipe the surface of the sink in a second.

Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney takes only 15 to 20 minutes to install. It is well made and not like other cheap faucets. You don’t need to hire a plumber to install it, you can do it yourself.

Get four-hole installation options for easier access. One hole is for a soap dispenser for your convenience. Also, Moen 87359E2SRS  has a Pull-down spray spout that allows your kitchen task to be smooth.

Do you want both hot and cold water from the faucet? Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet is for you that you will get hot or cold water just in a few seconds by setting the handle to backward and forward.

Product Features:

You must need to know the features to find out the perfect luxurious faucet for your kitchen. Now, I have listed some essential features of the Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet for your evaluation.

  • Versatile and hands-free convenience in the kitchen.
  • Allows users to manage it with three unique ways – ready sensor, wave sensor, and familiar handle.
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries or AC adapter with power splitter.
  • Pull-down spray with 68-inch braided hose.
  • The spout comes with a push-fit hose connection.
  • The product dimension of the Moen sensor faucet is 7.88*10.25*15.5 inches.
  • Spout can rotate 100 degrees.
  • Get smooth operation, secure docking, and easy movement for Reflex™ pull-down.
  • Metal construction with various finishes recognized by the suffix
  • Includes soap or lotion dispenser.
  • A limited lifetime warranty against drips, leaks, finish defects to the original consumers.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Touchless Faucet?

Some users don’t analyze much about touchless faucets before buying. They only give priority to color or styles. But you need to consider some features before finding your best MotionSense touchless faucets. Let’s take an idea:

Building Materials:

You must consider a faucet’s building materials. The faucet’s durability depends on it.  Otherwise, everyone uses kitchen faucets on a regular basis. Moen web kitchen faucet amazingly fulfils this requirement.

So, you know how important it is to use good quality materials. You can use brass or stainless steel faucets for long use. Now choose the best one to avoid a leaky faucet.

MotionSense Accuracy:

Find out where the MotionSense is used. You can use both two motion sense facilities. Check the faucet if its MotionSense works perfectly or not. Pick the faucet which one you can use as a manual or automatic faucet.

Battery Consumption:

This one is another major point to think about before buying your touchless faucets. Since MotionSense touchless faucets run with a battery or A/C adapter, you need to choose the faucets with long battery life.

You can avoid faucets with too many features. More features consume more power. So, select one which comes according to your need.

A battery-powered faucet is better than a plugged one for longevity and simplicity. You can choose Moen Delaney with MotionSense faucet for long-term use.

User Friendly:

Pick a faucet that you can install quickly and is easier to use. Choose a faucet that is easy to keep clean and scratch-free. If you have kids, think about a battery-powered faucet instead of A/C powered to avoid shock. Sometimes Moen kitchen faucet leaks from the handle like other faucets. But you can solve it very easily.


Another key point before investing in a touchless faucet is its warranty. It indicates the durability and quality of a product. Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet offers a lifetime warranty on some features. Moen Delaney MotionSense parts preserve quality and durability for a long time.


1. Are touchless faucets worth it?

Motion sense touchless faucets help you to get water on your demand without the mess. It keeps your kitchen neat and dry.

2. Do Moen touchless faucets have batteries?

Yes, you will get most of the touchless faucets with battery-powered. Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet has 4 AA batteries to operate it.

3. How do I change the battery in my sensor faucet?

You can change the battery from  Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet without any hazard. Take a screwdriver to open the control box. Then, replace the old one with a new battery.

4. How does Moen MotionSense work?

Moen MotionSense comes with a battery pack and also an A/C adapter. It has cabinet controls that allow you to set water temperature.

Final Verdicts:

Moen 87359E2SRS Delaney MotionSense touchless kitchen faucet is a beautiful addition to your modern kitchen. If you want comfort and advanced technology together, this touchless faucet is undoubtly the best one for you.

A perfect MotionSense touchless faucet makes your daily work easier and more hygienic. Select this Moen Delaney MotionSense to get germ free faucet. So, choose the one that is unique in design, style, and comfortable in use. Also, find touchless faucets affordable in price.

Now, check and analyze the features and descriptions that I have presented in this checklist. And buy this touchless kitchen faucet to change your kitchen style.

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