How to Repair a Leaking Moen Kitchen Faucet That Drips?

Moen is a famous faucet brand for kitchens and bathrooms. All faucets need some maintenance regularly, so they work properly without any problems. 

After a few years or months of using, anyone encounters different issues on their faucet. The most fundamental problem is that the kitchen faucet leaks out, even in commercial kitchen faucets. 

In this guide, I will show you step by step how to repair a leaking Moen kitchen faucet that drips. You can use this method to repair leaks for any brand.

How to Repair a Leaking Moen Kitchen Faucet How to Repair a Leaking Moen Kitchen Faucet

If the Moen kitchen faucet is leaking from the spout, then the cartridge may not be sealing water. The problem could be a damaged cartridge or worn seals. 

To access the cartridge, you need to disassemble a few parts. Turn off the water valves under the sink and open the faucet to relieve water pressure.

Moen’s kitchen faucet leak problem or the kitchen faucet tapping problem; both have the same solution to fix the kitchen faucet. Usually, the kitchen faucet leaks from the handle in most cases. 

After months of use, the handle loosens and begins to leak on the base. Here, you will get the complete solution for how to repair a leaking Moen kitchen faucet that drips.


Why Is My Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaking?

If you have a Moen kitchen faucet and it is leaking then there may be two reasons; either an O-ring of the faucet is worn or water leaking due to a faulty cartridge. The most common problem of a Moen kitchen sink a faucet leaking is a worn O-ring. The O-ring of the faucet wears out over time, and it starts leaking problems for the faucet. This O-ring problem comes in Moen pull-out single-handle spray faucets.

The solution to this problem changes or replaces the O-ring of a leaking faucet. First, turn off the supply of water for the tap. Now to open the faucet, remove the cap of the Moen kitchen faucet and remove the screw. To remove the handle, pull it straight up. After removing the handle, you see an O-ring with a cartridge body. Now change the old O-ring with the new one and put a handle and tightly screw on the faucet.


After changing the O-ring of the Moen kitchen faucet still, you are facing the leaking problem of the Moen kitchen faucet, then there is a problem with the Moen kitchen faucet cartridge.

The next question in your mind is how to repair a Moen kitchen faucet cartridge?

Changing a cartridge is straightforward. You have to open the faucet to change it. Apply the same process as described above to open the tap. After pulling out of the faucet handle, you see a cartridge there. Change it with a new cartridge. These two solutions are enough for how to repair a leaking Moen kitchen faucet.

Steps How to Repair a Leaking Moen Kitchen Faucet:

Carefully follow the steps how to repair a leaking Moen kitchen faucet given below and solve your problem within a few times:

  1. The tools you need.
  2. Record the whole process.
  3. Find the correct leak position.
  4. Turn off the water supply to the faucet.
  5. Clean the faucet.
  6. Remove the faucet section with care.
  7. Remove rotary hair and rings if the damage.


Essential Tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench
  • Soft Brush
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench pliers
  • Tools for Moen faucet


  • Find the correct leak position

The exact leakage of any faucet has to be figured out before repairing. A closer look at the faucet will tell you where the tap water is coming from. It could be a base exit or a faucet.

Once you find the leaking point, it is easy to decide which part is needed to repair the faucet. It saves a lot of time because after opening the faucet, you need to find a leaking point instead of replacing the faulty part of a tap.

  • Record The Whole Process

This is easy to open any faucet, but many people forget how the faucet fits after repair. For this, they need to record the whole process step by step so when it comes to faucet fit after the repair, you can watch the recording and proceed according to the video without forgetting any step.

  • Carefully remove parts of the faucet

You can see the Aleen screw when you lift the handle and go out of the faucet. This screw is crucial as you have to turn the screw clockwise to loosen it and open the faucet handle. 

Then separate the hair valve and other small parts. Place all these parts in any safe zone so that they are not lost. Now in the next step, remove the cap, and for this, you can use slip-joint pliers. Move the plier into the anti- Clockwise direction and open it. To see the metal ball, you have to remove two plastic rings.

  • Clean the parts of the faucet

Another part of the handle and faucet catches dust and other minerals. All these dirty particles stick to one tap, so you need to clean it.

The best thing to clean is the use of vinegar. Take part in the faucet and put it in vinegar for a few minutes. This will make spills loosen quickly. And it becomes easy to clean it with scrub. 

Those internal parts of the faucet are out of reach of your hand; you can use any long thin rod for cleaning.

  • Turn off the Water Supply to the Faucet

Before opening the faucet, make sure the water supply is off. You can get tap water under the sink through a valve near this valve. Now check if the water is coming. If the valve does not work correctly and water is still coming from the faucet, you will have to turn off the primary water supply from your home. Some people forget this step and open the faucet without turning off all the water in the kitchen.

Another Way To Turn Off The Water Supply To The Faucet is given below.

This guide explains how to turn off the tap water supply. Any repairs to the Moen faucet require that the water supply be shut off. Failure to do so may result in flooding or injury.

You will first need to determine where the faucet is located. Typically, it is located under the sink, in the closet behind the shower, or in an access panel around the tub. There are also cases where the shutters will close your main house (this water will divert to the whole house, usually found around the basement, the wall where your home’s water meter is located).

Outside, garage, crawl place, or near (in the street). Rotate the shut-off clockwise until they close firmly. Turn the faucet/shower handle (tongues) to the open position to ensure the water is entirely closed.

  • Remove The Rotary Ball And Rings If Damaged

To see the ball, take off the packaging and the plastic cap. Now scrutinize the ball and see if it is damaged. If you see any damage, whether the ball is small or big. A scratch or crack may occur on the ball and is an indication of a damaged ball.

Now there are rubber seats and springs. Remove the rubber seats and springs with a screwdriver. Replace the old spring with a new one and reconnect the faucet. If you forget how to reassemble the faucet, you can check out the video recorded while opening the faucet.


How To Repair A Moen Kitchen Faucet That Is Hard To Move?

When you ever use Moen Faucet in your kitchen, you know that they need proper grease to work quickly. For Moen products, you need to use silicone grease. If you are installing a Moen Kitchen Faucet yourself, read the whole Instruction Guide that comes with the faucet box. Sometimes the handle does not move properly due to the irregular fit of the faucet.

Besides, regular use of the faucet handle reduces the amount of silicone grease. Apply proper silicone grease to the faucet handle from time to time. Remove the faucet handle with a screwdriver.

Now clean all parts of the handle with silicone grease, also apply grease inside the cartridge and handle. Use only silicone grease for this process, no other grease. Moen specially mentions the whole process of using this grease in their instructions guide.


Steps to Follow to Remove a Moen Kitchen Single Handle Faucet:

Step 1: Turn off the water.

Step 2: Drain the pipes.

Step 3: Remove the handle.

Step 4: Remove the dome and plastic sleeve.

Step 5: Removing the handle mechanism.

Step 6: Remove the ring and washer

Step 7: Remove the spout.

Step 8: Pull out the cartridge.


How To Fix A Leaky Moen Double Handle Kitchen Faucet?

The process of fixing a leaky Moen double handle kitchen faucet is the same as fixing a leaky Moen single handle kitchen faucet. Check from where the faucet is leaking and spot the leaking point. Now open the process with the help of tools.

Along with opening the whole record process, you don’t face any problems when closing the faucet. After opening the faucet, change the defective part and close the faucet. Also, follow the above instructions – how to repair a leaking Moen Kitchen Faucet.



This article is a complete and detailed guide on how to repair a Moen kitchen faucet leak. Also, you find other solutions such as Moen Kitchen Faucet Leak from the handle, Moen Kitchen Faucet Leak under the sun, trouble removing the old kitchen faucet, Moen Pullout Kitchen Faucet leakage at the base, and more. By reading this guide, you will learn how to repair a leaking Moen Kitchen Faucet and you can fix it by yourself. 


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